My Puffman Sports Trivia question tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 7:30 will be on "Mean" Joe Greene & I'm going to be giving away a great hardcover "sports" read to the 1st caller in at 434 5241 with the correct answer on "Mean" Joe. The winner will receive Dennis D'Agostino's "Keepers Of The Game; When the Baseball Beat was the Best Job on the Paper". "Keepers of the Game" celebrates the last generation of baseball writers whose careers were rooted in Teletype machines, train travel, & 10-team leagues, & who wielded an influence & power within the game that are unimaginable today. Dennis D'Agostino brings together, for the 1st time, the personal histories of a group of journalists whose influence & dedication to the game of baseball are part of the golden age of sports journalism. Some 23 vintage beat writers tell their own stories, with an individual chapter devoted to each writer. They & their colleagues were the best of their breed, that last generation of writers who were the unquestioned gatekeepers of the national pastime. For decades, their words shaped the history of the game. I'm going to peruse this book & see if he mentions our own Gary Goodan somewhere in his tome! D'Agostino's a great writer & is also the author of "Garden Glory: An Oral History of the New York Knicks" & coauthor of "Through a Blue Lens: The Brooklyn Dodger Photographs of Barney Stein, 1939-1957". Dennis has been recognized by his peers in the sports community as one of its leading historians & now he's being recognized on Puffman Sports Trivia! & you know middle name IS "sports"! See you tomorrow morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia & we'll find out how much YOU know about "Mean" Joe Greene! Check out "Keepers Of The Game" from Potomac Books, Inc. at: & in the bookstores. It's fascinating reading!