The next Advisory Board Meeting for the Center 4 Mental Health is scheduled for TODAY (Thursday), at noon at the Griddle. It is most important that ALL board members make a special effort to attend today's meeting in order that a QUORUM is in attendance to conduct official business. "Official Business"...that's what I'm all about, I'm the Puffman. If you're a board member & unable to attend, a letter or phone call to the Center 4 Mental Health would be most appreciated, (434 5285).  Also please remember if you can't make the meeting today, you can give your proxy vote to another board member. See you today at noon at the Griddle for the Advisory Board Meet. I hope that the good folks down at the Griddle remember to crank up the heat today...we've been freezing down there all winter! It's hard to conduct a meeting in Carhartt Clothing & eat lunch wearing gloves.