That Shelby High School Booster Club meeting is THIS week! The Booster Club will be meeting THIS Wednesday night at 7 SHARP at the Sports Club on Main Street here in Shelby. Who's NOT a Shelby High Booster! See you THIS Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock for the Shelby High School Booster Club Meeting at the Sports Club downtown. The Shelby High School Booster Club is certainly a real "BOOST" to our community...their 5th Quarter gatherings after the Coyote games are more than fun & a great way to socialize with your neighbors, friends, & sports fans & talk "Sports". Their next 5th Quarter will be THIS Friday night out at Ringside Ribs & it'll be sponsored by Northern Montana Insurance Service. If you haven't already done so, I strongly encourage you to check out their infamous tailgate parties. It's all part of living up here on the Hi-Line & enjoying all life has to offer in our Golden Triangle.