From my plate of nachos next to my recliner, my congratulations to all the area participants in the Ice Breaker road race in Great Falls Sunday. By my quick count, over 400 Northern Montanans took part in the one mile race (139 area runners), the three mile race (208), and the five mile race (75). I was especially impressed with all the coaches who run -- Mrs. Munson, cross-country coach at Shelby, Mrs. Van Dyke from Chester, the Richmans from Shelby, the Shepherds from Choteau -- and all the area families that run together -- the Gramms from Choteau, the Tharps from Sunburst, the Van Dykes from Conrad, the Grotbos from Shelby, the Steinbachs from Fairfield and Fort Shaw, and all the families from Browning and East Glacier! There were a lot of current and former familiar names from all sports in our area that participated, and to answer my question "Would they run in the Ice Breaker after running in the Boston Marathon six days before?", both Tyler Bucklin and Barbara Bouma did run in Great Falls! You two can take this week off!