It's like the old Helen Reddy tune, "I Am Woman-Hear Me Roar"...Montana has an estimated 30.100 women-owned firms, employing 30,700 & attributing to roughly $3.9 billion (with a B!) according to the 3rd annual State of women-owned Businesses Report. This comprehensive report was released today (Thursday) analyzing the 1997, 2002, & 2007 data from the U. S.Census Bureau's quinquennial business census, the Survey of Business Owners. Similar  to previous annual reports released this time last year, the unique analysis, reported by industry, revenue, & employment size at the national & state levels, shares a new & nuanced investigation into the growth trends among the 8.6 million women-owned enterprises over the past 15 years. Nationally, the number of women-owned businesses has increased 59% since 1997. Montana is ranked 42nd (34.4%) in growth of number of firms over the past 16 years & 15th (88.7%) in growth of firm revenue between 1997 & 2013. All interesting statistics indeed, & no surprise to me...I'm working for a lady-manager here at the radiator station! For more information on this informative report & Puffman blog, go to: That ol' Helen Reddy sure was ahead of her time!