I'm not sure how mine is either, but I've come across a great book on our federal budget.It's "A People's Guide To The Federal Budget"-National Priorities Project" written by Mattea Kramer with a host of other financial experts & authorities. Speaking of experts...the foreword is by New York Times bestselling author of "Nickel and Dimed", Barbara Ehrenreich with the afterword by Josh Silver of the United Republic. Man, I've always had dreams of writing a book & if I could get THIS much help, it might even be viable! This tome IS a good read for every American who wants to understand & participate in a process that affects all of us. It's not to heavy, if you catch my drift. It serves as a foundation for the novice reader, a reference tool for a more advanced audience, & is perfect for high school & college classroom use. Released to coincide with the fiscal year 2013 budget process & the recent 2012 presidential election, this guide includes up-to-the-minute numbers & explanation of President Obama's 2013 budget request. It's from Interlink Books, an imprint of Interlink Publishing Group, Inc. Check it out at www.interlinkbooks.com.