We had a call today from Patrick Fischer of the "Western Native Voice."  He told us that he was in Billings but had numerous reports of voters being suppressed at 7 different precincts.   You may recall in the 2006 election when political activists were taking voters to the polls and giving them cards to take to the polls so that they could remember who to vote for.   According to Fischer, some were being told that they could not bring any "outside materials to the booth with them," and that's not true.

According to Fischer any interference with an individual's right to voter is a "violation of federal law."

The same group had volunteers out in force last week trying to register record numbers of voters.  According to the Glacier Reporter they held a pizza party and other activities to try and get the registration numbers up. Western Native Voice Executive Director Loren Bird Rattler was quoted in the "Glacier Reporter," saying "WNV has registered 5,898 new native voters statewide, with the most in the State, coming from Glacier County."

Any testimony you have on this subject would be welcome.