The worst natural disaster in Montana history occurred in the second week of June back in 1964. Creeks and streams turned into raging, mile-wide rivers and for the first time since Gibson Dam was built on the Sun River, water came pouring over it's top. The giant reservior, swollen by heavy snow melt and pounding rains, spilled it's overflow down the face of the 200 foot high barrier into the Sun. Dams and railroads washed out, homes and ranches were swept away, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 people lost their lives. Up north here, it was going from bad to worse. From what I have come to learn, this area got the worst of it and the Blackfeet reservation suffered terribly as did all the residents here in the Golden Triangle and along the Rocky Mountain Front.I don't have to tell most of you about the area affected by the flooding but it amounted to nearly 30,000 square miles, or approximately 20% of our Treasure State. Those who lived up here in the Golden Triangle probably experienced the worst of the worst. Our radio station (KSEN) remained ON THE AIR during and throughout the emergency. One of the guys who was around then and broadcasting almost nonstop from our KSEN studios was my former program director and good friend Bob Norris. Bob will be joining me this afternoon at 2:30 on the Puffman Show to relive those "dark days of June" and the long, long aftermath. I've talked with Bob before concerning the flood and our KSEN broadcast coverage and he truly speaks from experience, not only as a former member of our community, but as one of Montana's premier broadcasters who was called to duty and stepped up in a big and courageous way as only a true broadcaster can. I only wish I could spend ALL afternoon today (Friday) with Bob reliving those days on my program. Bob Norris and the Puffman, back together again, this afternoon at 2:30 on the Puffman Show. For me, as a junior broadcaster, it will be quite unique having Bob "LIVE" ON THE AIR...I've spent the past 15 years rerunning his old promos and sayings of wisdom! At least he still has his truck and a roof over his head...not that I'm so smart.