I guess one way would be checking out Puffman Musical Trivia this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30! I'll be giving away the new book, "Who You Callin' Silly?: How a Silly Woman Becomes Virtuous"  penned by Kimberly R. Lock. Kimberly seems to have the "Lock" on her special story to share. Her new guide prepares you to see a woman's worth through the eyes of God. Kimberly assists her husband in the business aspects of running Unity Gospel House of Prayer (UGHOP), In Milwaukee, Wisconsin (www.ughop.org). You're invited to join Kimberly & other once silly, now virtuous women at: www.WhoYou CallinSilly.com & THEN... join me... the Puffman, this afternoon for Puffman Musical Trivia. 1st caller in with the correct answer to my Puffman Musical Trivia question (& it's a 2-parter) WINS the book, "Who You Callin' Silly". It's available nationwide from Amazon.com & through ALL major booksellers. It's also available in digital format. See you this afternoon for more Musical Trivia Stuff With Puff!