Nicholas Evans, author of the blockbuster novel, "The Horse Whisperer, is back with his 1st novel in years & it's a fascinating read. Check out "The Brave" next time you're in a book store. "The Brave" is a moving novel about fathers, sons, & family secrets & tells the story of isolated documentary filmmaker & writer, Tom Bedford, who lives alone in Montana & is estranged from his only son, Danny, a US marine who is deployed to Iraq. Evans goes back in time & shows Tom as a child, when he lived 1st in England & then in glamorous Hollywood with his mother, a meteoric rising star in the enchanted world of 1960's Hollywood. She fell in love with Tom's onscreen cowboy hero-& then a shocking act of violence changed everything. In the present day, his son Danny is charged with murder, & Tom is forced to finally confront him. Both father & son must now face the truth about the secrets they've been hiding. It's a page turner & a half & Publishers Weekly says, "Combining elements of the prep school drama, the Hollywood novel, the western & the war story, Evans skillfully mixes genres to create a real crowd pleaser". I guarantee you that you'll be pleased with this tome from writer Nicholas Evans. There's a "back story" on Evans too...back in 2008 after "The Horse Whisperer", Evans came close to DEATH! What started as a lovely summer day ended in tragedy; both Nick & his wife were POISONED after eating wild mushrooms which they found on a country hike with family. Soon after eating the mushrooms, Nick & his wife became deathly ill. They have both been on dialysis waiting for kidney transplants. Nick now says going through this ordeal actually motivated him to finish writing this novel, "The Brave", that i'm blogging about this morning. For more information, please visit: Evan's wife, musician Charlotte Gordon Cumming also wrote a collection of music-inspired by the book & you can take a listen at: Me?...when I go to lunch later today, when I order my burger, I'll say "Hold the mushrooms"!