I get the feeling that the Gabby Cabby enjoys sandwiches as much, or even more so, than the infamous Dagwood Bumstead. Pete's upset with a Subway Sandwich joint in New York City...he found out their "Footlongs" only measured 11 inches!  Peter Franklin will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) around a quarter to 5 on the Puffman Program with more wacky tales direct from the streets of New York. Speaking of tales, check out Pete's True Tales at gabby.com. He has a picture of a New York City mafia man who looks similar to a Smurf...at least they both have the same name or something. I never did get that story straight.  For a taxi driver his age, the Gab Man is still hip & trendy...he'll be telling us about the new Google glasses which are out on the market. I wouldn't be surprised to see our mayor sporting a pair when he comes in Monday morning for his radio gig. It's always a blast catching up with the driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge. See you later today with the world famous Gabby Cabby. By the way Gab Man, what do you like on your sandwiches?! Oh yeah...if you plan on going to New York City, contact Pete for one of his great tours of the Big Apple. Be sure & bring along a warm sweater when it does get very cold. Also, have a jacket. January weather is there & it will be cold according to Pete...the man's a regular genius!