Who's counting when you're having fun! ""Five Years Later" is the title of chapter 18 of my friend, Lenore Pukek's historical novel, "No Time for Tears" that we're currently reading during Montana History up at the Marias Heritage Center, & I'll be there tonight (Tuesday) to delve more into this wonderful read about real people who came to live & work in Montana Territory. I like the book & I love Lenore's writing style, but if I was in Lenore's shoes, I would "write myself" into the story somehow...true or not. Who's going to know? The Hicks & Frey families are both all dead & I doubt that the average reader would really know if Lenore was really around at that time. Speaking of "her shoes"...you think her Buick (her last name Puhek, rhymes with Buick) is old, check out her cloud hoppers(!)...she is a true Montana pioneer woman & she writes from the heart...this Helena native not only has "soul"...she has SOLES!! It's a marvelous reading adventure & we are almost half way done. Next up at Montana History at the Heritage, we'll be enjoying the autobiography of a blind man with great vision & I'm not talking about Stevie Wonder ...I'm referring to Conrad's Dale Sheldon & his first book, "Who Lost?" It's always a good book AND a good time at Montana History, Tuesday evenings at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. I strongly recommend ALL 4 Lenore Puhek books. They're available from Lenore at: P.O. Box 6002; Helena, Mt. 59601 or email: lpuhek@gmail.com (406 443 2552). See you tonight at 6 o'clock SHARP at the Heritage Center for Montana History.