Tall Todd, the custom cutter guy, & his crew are done having fun in Forsyth. They had some green spots that caused a little delay. Todd was smiling when he said that the winter wheat had excellent yields & the barley, which was irrigated malt & trucked to Billings, yielded excellent also. The crew got their machines, grain cart, crew trailers & other equipment moved to the Conrad area & they're now picking up swaths & straight-cutting in the Ledger, Conrad/Penroy area & are planning on moving to Choteau, depending on where the rains have missed in recent days. The lanky Todd said that some custom harvesters have already moved north of the border, as the heat has pushed crops there, causing them to mature much faster than normal. Area rains have brought the harvesting to a standstill for the moment, by early weeks the combines should be rolling again. I'll be keeping you updated on the fall harvest here in the Golden Triangle on my Puffman Blog.