The murder case of Amanda Knox, an American who was convicted of killing and being involved (along with others) in the sexual assault of her roommate in 2007 was acquitted by an Italian Jury. Now, Knox has appealed her conviction for slander, as she wrongfully accused Italian police of beating a confession out of her. She was sentenced to 26 years in the Italian slammer (I wonder if they serve pizza for lunch and dinner in there) and today (Tuesday), Amanda Knox should be safely home arriving sometime today at the Seattle airport. My special guest this afternoon on the Puffman Show at 4:35, is nationally known attorney at law, John M. Phillips. Phillips has appeared on the Today Show & he says he's eager to discuss this case and all it's international implications. Barrister Phillips is licensed to practice in three states and hosts his own legal/sports show, "Sports & Courts". I don't know too much about "courts" but "sports" is my middle name so I think the two of us should get on fine. I honestly don't know and/or recall too much about this case but I know that CBS 48 Hours is doing a special on it this Saturday night and I am more than anxious to find out "the story behind the story". See you this afternoon with attorney Phillips.