I received a report from "Thrashing" Todd earlier this morning (Wednesday). He says the custom cutter guys are done with the irrigated barley over in Forsyth and they are harvesting irrigated spring wheat, which is too wet at 20% moisture. The boys are planning to move into the Conrad area here in the Golden Triangle this coming week, as producers are anticipating to start the Conrad harvest. Here in the Golden Triangle, one of the neighbors swathed down some winter wheat last week and they're picking it up now as I write this blog. This is being done on CRP ground that was taken out last year. The standing crops are ripening, but straight-cutting is still a ways off yet. Harvest has started down in the Fort Benton area and swathing seems to be the norm there. Of course with our changing, unpredictable Montana weather out here in Big Sky Country, "normal" can mean a lot of things. There appears to be plenty of saw-fly working in the winter wheat and the windy days will blow over the saw-fly damaged stalks. The guys tell me that the cooler weather is much appreciated, after some hot, windy weather. And speaking of appreciation, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we so much appreciate and support all our local ag producers 100%. Remember, our food comes from the farmers, NOT the local grocery stores!