MSU Ag Alerts

MSU AgAlert: Seed Treatment for Pulse Crops
MSU Extension plant pathologist Dr. Mary Burrows has issued a new AgAlert bulletin dealing with general seed treatment recommendations for disease management in pulse crops. Click HERE to download the bulletin in pdf form.
MSU Extension: Getting the Scoop on Soil
The Montana State University Cooperative Extension Service has introduced  The Soil Scoop, a new 2-page series from MSU's Soil Fertility Extension program providing condensed information on assorted soil fertility topics.
People needing soil fertility information want it short and simple, a…
MSU Ag Alert: How’s That Workin’ For You?
MSU Extension's Cropland Weed Specialist Fabian Menalled reports that the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology has received several complaints about field peas that did not fill pods satisfactorily after a Clethodim application...
MSU Ag Alert: Yellow Winter wheat?
Mary Burrows, MSU Extension Plant Pathology Specialist, has issued several AgAlerts recently, dealing with diseases that are causing wheat crops to turn yellow.
Click HERE for the alert regarding spring freeze-related crop diseases.
Click HERE for information about  fungicide efficacy for control…
Woolly Bear Caterpillars Spotted in Chouteau County
High numbers of woolly bear caterpillars have been reported in a Chouteau County wheat field. Woollybear larvae are members of the moth family Arctiidae, also referred to as Tiger moths. They feed on grasses late in the fall and early in the spring...
Mt Dept of Ag Proposes Apiary Fee Increases
The Department of Agriculture is proposing to amend Administrative Rule 4.12.113 pertaining to Apiary registration fees.  The amendments increase the new beekeeper registration fee from $10 to $20 and increase the site registration fee from $15 to $19/site...
Forage Workshop on Dec. 15, 2014 in Shelby
MSU Extension will be hosting a Forage Workshop on Monday, December 15 at Marias River Electric in Shelby.  This free workshop will be begin at 3 p.m. and should last 90 minutes.
Emily Glunk, Ph. D., MSU Extension Forage Specialist will be the featured speaker...

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