Bladen Cole is BACK & he''s riding south of our Big Sky with demons to confront in this new Bill Yenne western read, "The Fire of Greed."  In my opinion, this is Yenne (his last name rhymes with penney!) at his best! Bill's a marvelous writer & any guy who can write a book on Guinness Beer is A-okay in my book! The portrait Yenne draws of early Montana is resonates with any true Montanan. Bounty hunter Bladen Cole rides into Santa Fe with the bodies of 2 wanted outlaws who decided to try their luck again his Colt 45. There you go, there's ANOTHER amber brew! In "The Fire of Greed", "Blazing" Bladen is riding out with an even more profitable venture-the capture of 4 robbers who stole a payroll from the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway. Rather than let word spread about the theft, the railroad men need someone who can get the job done quickly & quietly. This is a job for a bounty hunter & Bladen Cole is the man with the plan. Michael Castleman, author of the Ed Rosenberg mystery series shoots out, "The plot has more twists 7 turns than the Missouri River...Yenne effectively evokes the loneliness & wide open spaces of Big Sky Country." Check out this riveting new read, "The Fire of Greed" from my friend Bill Yenne. PLUS...MY name is mentioned on the front cover AND on the 1st page. What more can I say! Visit: OR www.billyenne,com for "The Fire of Greed." & Bill, thank YOU for making me, the Puffman, world famous on the cover of your book. You know me, I'm a "Stage door Johnny" as it is!