A bank robber in Maryland tried to harness the awesome power of nuclear threats.

Police in Prince George’s County reported that an unidentified man who may have robbed as many as four other banks in the area has been using a nuclear threat in his schemes. His most recent robbery occurred last Monday.

The note demanded the teller to hand him a large amount of money from the till or he would detonate a nuclear device. Police said the man only threatened to use the nuclear device and did not show one or evidence of one during the course of the robbery. “Is that a war head in your pocket or…”

The suspect took the money and fled on foot before police could arrive at the scene and release the bomb sniffing dogs. Police have not released the amount of money the robbery has taken with his radioactive scheme. They have released an image of the suspect taken from the bank’s security cameras.

If he really did have a nuclear device, police wouldn’t have such a hard time finding him since the glow he put off could be seen from outer space.