"Talkative" Todd, the custom cutter guy from up north of the border, says he's ready to move south. Todd said that there is no rush to get there, other than to take a "look-see" at the crops. The "experts" are talking a 37 bushel average(!) while the producers are jacking their jaws about 5 to 14 bushels. Talk about a MAJOR difference! & we think Washington DC is polarized! Todd says that he would like some names of producers who have the high yields, as he would like to contact them & hire on harvesting their "bumper" crops. Bear in mind that most of the producers in the south do not own combines, they relay on the custom cutter guys. Todd reports between the frost & the drought, that the harvest has been pushed back as much as a couple of weeks. He'll file a report after arriving in the Vernon/Harold, Texas area. The move should take 3 days or so. I'll keep you posted on my Puffman Blog.