The 20th Annual Montana Storytelling Roundup is set for this weekend in Cut Bank & this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:30, I'll be visiting with one of this weekend's special guests from this weekend's storytelling event. She's Ellen Baumler, an interpretive historian at the Montana Historical Society down in Helena. Ellen has made a hobby out of investigating the history behind Montana's ghosts & haunted places. Bauler's writing includes 7 books (!) & NUMEROUS magazines articles that tell the most funny, bizarre, & interesting stories from her research into Montana history. I can tell you that Ellen IS a wonderful writer, I've read several of her books. In fact, I see one of her books EVERYDAY...I have 4 or 5 books that I'm using to prop up my computer screen up to "eye level" & one of those books is Ellen's "Montana Moments!" I see it peeking out at me every time that I'm on my computer. Besides being a good prop and/or doorstop, it's a wonderful book! Ellen will be in Room B1 this Saturday morning at Storytellers from 10:30 to 11:15 speaking on "The Chinese in Montana History" & she'll be my special guest at 4:30 this afternoon on the Puffman Show. I also have some FREE admission tickets for the 20th Annual Montana Storytelling Roundup this weekend that I'll be giving away right after today's interview. Looking forward to visiting with Ellen Baumler this afternoon & hope to see you at Storytellers this weekend in Cut Bank.