Author Donna Gray's "Nothing To Tell-Extraordinary Stories of Montana Ranch Women" is anything but "Sunshine & roses"!  We're currently reading & enjoying this saga of hard work, hardships, family illness, poverty, & early widowhood as we continue with our Montana History reading up at the Marias Heritage Center on Tuesday evenings. I'll be there tonight (Tuesday) to read more of this collection of oral histories that captures the unique voices of women as they share their remarkable stories of homesteading in early day Montana. And, you thought the women of today had a lot to complain about! It's a fascinating read about these women who grew up in Montana in 1 room houses, while others traveled in covered wagons before finding a home in & falling in love with Montana. Their RAW accounts bring to life the childhood memories & adulthood experiences of ranch wives & believe me, it wasn't easy being easy! Looking forward to seeing you this evening for more "Montana History" at the Marias Heritage Center. I don't think any of us realize how good we have it today until we learn how it was back when times were truly tough. Me? I think I would have given up about the 2nd day & head "back east"!