According to my Monday afternoon guest on the Puffman Show at 4:30, Dr. Ramin Manshadi, MD, most heart attacks happen to people who have NO clue they even had a problem. This Board-Certified physician with the American Board of Interventional   Cardiology, American Board of Cardiology, American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Nuclear Cardiology is out with a beautifully written in a readable style...inclusive and extensive book, "The Wisdom of Heart Health: Attaining a Healthy and Robust Heart in Today's Modern World". This heart doc, besides having an MD behind his name, also has a FACC, a FSAL, a FAHA, & FACP. I figure by the time I get through these initials, not to mention the 15 word title of the book, there will be about 28 seconds left for the interview and this doesn't give me much time to find out how my own ticker is doing. I'm the Puffman. See you Monday at 4:30 and right after the interview, I'll be giving away a copy of "The Wisdom of Heart Health". That's most of the title, I've run out of space for the other 10 words!