I don't often read "westerns", but I've come across a really engrossing neat page turner, or in this case, a page "BURNER" penned by my friend Bill Yenne. Yenne's new book is the 1st in a new series titled "Bladen Cole: Bounty Hunter" & it takes place & is happening & hopping right out here in Montana, including this area of north central Montana. Bladen Cole, the protagonist is more than cool...if they ever make a movie out of this book, I would suggest  one of my favorite actors/heroes to play Bladen Cole should be Liam Neeson. As I wind my way through this riveting adventure, I can more than picture Neeson sitting in the saddle.He also meets some pretty cool western women! Bladen is a bounty hunter in search of the notorious Porter boys who are wanted dead or alive-preferably DEAD! In search of these "hired killers", Bladen finds himself in the middle of a battle between 2 rival Blackfeet bands & is forced to take sides. Whether you're a fiction or non fiction fan, whether you enjoy reading westerns or true crime, you'll love this read...especially those of us living here in the Golden Triangle & north central Montana. How hip is Bladen Cole? I would suggest that he's so hip that he doesn't even eat a square meal out on the wide open range. Look for "Bladen Cole: Bounty Hunter" by the marvelous writer Bill Yenne at major bookstores or visit www.penquin.com. I predict that like me, you won't be able to wait to get home in the evenings & pick up the book. Once you do, you won't want to put it down. Unlike many western adventures, Bladen doesn't have a sidekick or partner like in many westerns, but if he did, I would sure love to play that part!