The Japanese summer inbound exchange is for Montana families who have kids within two years of age as the delegate they host. The delegates are ages 12-16 and are affiliated with two Japanese youth organizations, Labo and LEX. Accompanied by chaperones, they come to Montana for approximately four weeks, from July 22-August 18. Host families provide room, board and a loving, enthusiastic environment for their “adopted” children who are here to experience what it is like to live with a typical American family. This is an immersion program so planning special activities or trips is not required; however, families whose sons or daughters plan to attend camps during the exchange can request that the delegate they host participate in those activities. Delegates come with health insurance and spending money and their chaperones remain in-state for the duration of the exchange.

The entire group (usually about 30 delegates) flies to Bozeman for an overnight stay and orientation at Montana State University. Host families pick up their delegates the next day and participate in a brief orientation. At the end of the program, host families bring their delegates back to Bozeman for a farewell picnic. Some families choose to get together for a mid-term barbecue or other event.

Prospective host families are required to complete an application, two references and disclosure forms, which allows the 4-H office to run criminal background checks. In addition, an in-home interview is required.

In addition to Japanese delegates, a few delegates from other countries (Argentina, Finland, Norway) are sometimes available to host. The hosting dates for these countries are varied and youth do not have chaperones in-state. For more information about how to host, contact your county Extension office or Stephanie Davison at 406-994-3502 or

2012 Delegates Available

Females: Need female siblings ages 10-14


Hana (F), age 12. She likes drawing, basketball, chess, ping-pong, Japanese history, Greek myths, museums and crafts. She likes to teach others how to do origami and calligraphy. She plays the trombone and is tidy, curious, talkative and laughs a lot.

Sari (F), age 12. She likes swimming, singing, cooking, camping, shopping, music, playing the piano, teaching origami and Japanese songs. She is allergic to cats, watermelon, kiwi, melons, pineapple and she has asthma.


Karin (F), age 12. She likes fishing, animals, reading, movies, singing and video games. She wants to go horseback riding, camping, swimming, and hiking. She wants to make friends and do arts and crafts. She is allergic to cat and dog hair and has hay fever. An outside animal is okay.

Miharu (F), age 12. She likes to play piano, dance, participate in LEX activities, study, cook, sports, basketball and tennis. She wants to ride a horse, work on a farm, cook and make friends. She is friendly and talkative.

Haruna (F), age 12. She likes to play piano, volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, badminton, fashion, movies, origami, jogging and shopping. She wants to cook, play on the trampoline and play sports. She is talkative and friendly. She is allergic to cats and dogs but an outside animal is okay.


Males: Need male host siblings ages 10-15


Koshiro (M), age 12. He likes baseball, camping, reading and swimming and wants to learn more about American baseball. He is sociable, talkative and cheerful.

Kota (M), age 12. He likes baseball, track & field, painting pictures, swimming, anime and reading. He hopes to swim, play and watch baseball. He is curious, patient and laughs a lot.


Yoshiki (M), age 13. He is interested in country and pop music, electronic games, sports, reading and making new friends. He likes to play table tennis and his favorite school subject is English. He is tolerant, curious, talkative and cheerful.

Yuzuru (M), age 13. He likes track and field, swimming, soccer and basketball. He also likes animals and making origami. He plays the violin and wants to show his host brother Shogi and Kendama. He is curious, talkative and laughs a lot.

Keisei (M), age 13. He like sports, cooking, painting, country music, movies, watching

airplanes and playing piano. He wants to learn to cook American food and play basketball and soccer. He is shy, curious, sociable and cheerful. He is allergic to cats and ragweed.

Takahiro (M), age 13. He likes to read, play video games, tennis, badminton, basketball and kendo. He wants to teach Shogi, Kendama and Kendo. He wants to learn about a foreign culture. He is curious and diligent.

Akihito (M), age 13. He likes playing games, computer games, singing, running, movies, and arts and crafts. He wants to ride a horse, swim, camp, and play sports. He is talkative. He has a history of asthma with no recent episodes. He will bring medication with him.

Rei (M), age 13. He likes soccer and other sports, movies and computer games. He wants to make friends, swim, camp, play sports and be part of a family. He is curious and friendly.

Hiroki (M), age 13. He likes soccer, dodgeball, baseball, reading, music, eating, computer games and movies. He wants to go horseback riding, camp, work on a farm and play sports. He is friendly, curious and laughs a lot.

Kohsei (M), age 13. He likes baseball, eating, games, swimming, piano, computer games, music, and table tennis. He wants to go riding, make friends, swim, camp and play sports. He laughs a lot.