Browning, MT – The Blackfeet Tribe Incident Command is currently in the process of winding down with the Disaster Resolution passed by the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council on Wednesday.


Rain and winds assisted with the snow crusting over and lessened the chance of a blizzard. Temperatures rose to around 45 degrees on Thursday and are expected to continue warming thru the weekend.

A Flood Advisory was issued as a precaution today and Areas on the Reservation are being watched for flooding.

People are still being encouraged to be cautious of changing weather conditions including highway travel and black ice after nightfall when temperatures drop.

The Blackfeet Transportation Department will be handling calls for plows for emergencies and phone numbers for local plow contractors. Their phone number is (406) 338-7445 or (406) 338-7521. If you have an emergency, contact the Blackfeet Law Enforcement at (406) 338-4000 or 911. For Wood and Food Provisions, please contact the Blackfeet Fire Cache at (406) 338-2946. For those needing Hay for Livestock, please call (406) 444-2402.

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