In fact, there'll be celebrations all across the country tomorrow (Friday,) because tomorrow's OFFICIALLY "National Doughnut Day." Tomorrow's the first Friday in June, & folks here in our Golden Triangle & all around the country celebrate the good ol' doughnut as a way of honoring the Salvation Army Lassies...they're the women who served up doughnuts to the soldiers during our first world war. Get this..."I" think "I'M" a fussy eater...back in the day, those doughnuts were often times cooked up in oil inside the metal helmets of our American soldiers. That's why our American infantrymen are sometimes referred to as "doughboys!" Many bakeries & coffee shops around the country will be featuring "doughnut deals" for their customers, including our own Albertsons in Shelby & Cut Bank. I think after you peruse this Puffman Blog, you'll agree with me that my blogs are not only FUN to read, but also prove to be a real educational experience. I'm the Puffman! Tomorrow, the "Doughnut Man."

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