'm happy to say that our 29th annual KSEN/K 96 Radio Auction was a solid success. The phones ran constantly Thursday and Friday from 9 in the morning until after 5 in the evening. It was fun having the opportunity to offer our listeners in north central Montana some really nice merchandise and services, all at considerable savings. It was nice not only seeing and hearing from some folks we haven't heard from since our last radio auction. Today they are coming into the KSEN office in droves to pick up their merchandise and/or certificates. It's always good to "kick back" on Friday nights and over the weekend to digest all the fun and activity that took place over a two day period.

I'm also happy to report that the attendance at yesterday's Spring Concert at the Orpheum in Conrad was very well attended. It's always great to not only enjoy an excellent performance but to look around and see the turnout for such an event. Yours truly, the Puffman, even learned a little something about sea shanties. Prior to yesterday, my knowledge was somewhat limited to "I'm Popeye the sailor man". Hats off to the Pondera Arts Council for a fun Sunday afternoon. And to Kit Finlayson for not only directing this program but also for putting it all together. All in all, the past four or five days have been more than busy and more than FUN!