Walker Hayes is grateful for his recent success, but he admits it can be challenging to keep his kids grounded in the middle of it all.

It's been just over a year since a song about Applebee's took the world by storm. After more than a decade in the business, Hayes struck platinum with "Fancy Like," a song detailing simple date nights with his wife, Laney. Couple that with a fun TikTok dance and the song went viral online before spreading to country radio, where it reached No. 1.

The catchy track has catapulted Hayes and his large family into the spotlight. He and his wife share six children: Lela, Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Loxley and Everly. His success has also ushered in unexpected new challenges.

"My big three, they had a tough life financially," Hayes tells Entertainment Tonight of his oldest kids Lela, Chapel and Baylor. "It's funny, we laugh, bagels were a luxury item. So, this new lifestyle, they're very appreciative of it."

"Our little ones on the other hand, it's kind of all they know. So, it's challenging trying to keep them grounded," he adds.

Getting them involved in the process certainly helps. Hayes enlisted the help of all of his kids for his new "Y'all Life" music video, and he jokes that this is how they earn their keep.

"They gotta work on the farm," he says with a chuckle. "They gotta earn their dinner."

The kids also see just how much work goes into putting on a show. The family have been traveling with their dad while he's on the road, and they will once again load up the tour bus in the fall for his Glad You're Here Tour. Hayes says it's been a blessing to have his kids with him.

"The road can be a dark place, a very lonely place. Lot of time to kill. But they bring this fun, light, bright energy to the road," he explains. "So, I love it, but when we get back it is a lot of laundry."

In addition to some unforgettable experiences, Hayes is thankful to be able to provide for his family.

"I've paid a lot of bills," he shares. "I'm not in debt anymore, so that's great."

Hayes has been open about his family's struggles in the early years of his music career. His song "Craig" talks about their financial hardships and his early steps toward Christian faith. "AA," while very tongue in cheek, details his continuing sobriety journey. Hayes has been sober since 2016.

After a successful Fancy Like Tour to kick off the year, Hayes will launch his Glad You're Here Arena Tour on Sep. 29. Parmalee will join him on the 15-date trek, which will run through Nov. 12.

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