MISSOULA – Cougars, snowshoe hares, Yellowstone hot pools and many other features of Montana’s iconic ecosystems radiate through colorful photography and insightful stories in the latest edition of a University of Montana online magazine.
The Winter/Spring 2016 issue and 14th edition of the Crown of the Continent and Greater Yellowstone E-Magazine now is online .

In this edition, the snowy season takes center stage in a six-photo spread of Yellowstone National Park and in two stories on “winterkeepers,” the rare and intrepid souls who look after buildings during the cold winters in Glacier and Yellowstone national parks when no one else is around.

The issue contains all-season features as well, including a story about recent cougar research in the Greater Yellowstone region; about what scientists are learning from microorganism research in Yellowstone’s hot pools and springs; about important research on snowshoe hares in the Crown of the Continent; and on beaver research carried out by the Miistakis Insitute in Calgary.
Readers also will find essays on dragonfly deployment and the importance of the Badger-Two-Medicine Valley for the Blackfeet Nation, as well as the significance of protecting the Crown of the Continent and Greater Yellowstone ecosystems.
For more information about this UM initiative and previous issues of the e-magazine, click HERE  or email editors Jerry Fetz or Rick Graetz .