MISSOULA – The research coming out of the University of Montana is among the top in the nation and world, according to recent rankings by the National Taiwan University.

Of the more than 4,000 research institutions worldwide, NTU ranks the top 800 universities based on their production of scientific papers and the impact of those papers.

UM is highly ranked in the field of agriculture, which includes agricultural sciences, environment/ecology, and plant and animal science. UM also ranks highly in the subject areas of environment/ecology, geosciences, and plant and animal science.

“The NTU ranking is another indicator of the world class faculty at the University of Montana,” said Scott Whittenburg, UM vice president of research and creative scholarship. “Faculty publications, the citation of those articles by other researchers and the high impact of those journals are primary indicators of quality and demonstrate that our faculty and students are conducting research on par with leading institutions around the world.”

NTU ranking is considered a reliable source for universities devoted to scientific research. It is entirely based on scientific papers, reflecting scientific performance from three perspectives: research productivity – the number of faculty publishing research in journals; research impact – the number of citations those publications receive from other researchers; and research excellence.

The 2017 NTU rankings for UM follow:

  • Filed of agriculture, world ranking: 123, U.S. ranking: 45
  • Subject of environment/ecology, world ranking: 73, U.S. ranking: 31
  • Subject of geosciences, world ranking: 161, U.S. ranking: 56
  • Subject of plant and animal science, world ranking: 165, U.S. ranking: 47

UM is the highest-ranked higher education institution in the state and improved in both world and national rankings in every field and subject category compared to the 2016 NTU rankings.

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