New Visit Montana Video Shows Travelers Big Sky Country is Worth the Wait

MONTANA – Visit Montana has released a new video aiming to inspire and remind travelers that a trip to Montana is worth the wait.

The camera sweeps over iconic mountain ranges and wide-open prairie. We get glimpses of an artist at work, a pair fly-fishing, hikers surrounded by spectacular unspoiled nature, and fancy dancer spinning in slow motion. “These moments are worth the wait,” the line reads on the screen.

“Now is not the time to welcome visitors back to Montana, but when the time is right we want visitors to keep us in mind,” Montana Department of Commerce Director Tara Rice said. “There’s no better way to inspire future visitors than by showing off all Montana has to offer.”

Montana is Worth the Wait

Tourism is one of Montana’s top industries, supporting nearly 60,000 jobs and generating an estimated $3.7 billion in revenue in a typical year. This year will undoubtedly look different as protecting against the spread of the novel Coronavirus has limited travel. Montana’s out-of-state travel quarantine remains in place for the duration of the governor’s declared emergency.

In a rolling survey of American travelers by Destination Analysts, 51 percent of respondents said they plan to start traveling again this fall. More and more travelers say they’ll be seeking out regional, close-to-home destinations. Montana may be at an advantage when the time is right to travel as the desire to visit uncrowded destinations has increased.

As the sun sets over Glacier’s Going-to-the-Sun Road, the inspirational video asks travelers, “When it’s time, what will your #MontanaMoment be?”

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