The days of the buffalo! Glendive author Michael Bugenstein is out with his new book, "Since the Days of he Buffalo; A History of Eastern Montana and the Kalfell Ranch". It's a beautiful coffee table presentation edited by Linda Grosskopf & Nancy Morrison from Farcountry Press in Helena. When Michael began researching the Kalfell family with intentions to write a short Kalfell family history, he found a story LARGER than he anticipated. The result became "Since the Days of the Buffalo", a comprehensive history of eastern Montana. Michael says "I found a lot of documents that were previously unpublished". A map maker by trade & history buff by inclination, he met Lance Kalfell at a trade show over in Glendive. Kalfell contracted with him to create an operations map of the Kalfell Ranch, & then asked Michael to write a brief family history for the Montana Stockgrowers Association's 125th anniversary book. & the project kept growing. The book has 9 chapters, including accounts of tribal & military history, ranching & homesteading history, early railroading & outlaw history, an in-depth account of the 1920's Montana economic collapse, & the effect of Roosevelt's New Deal on eastern Montana. The final chapter describes the challenges the Kalfell Ranch has faced since the 1930's. It's a fascinating read for any "real Montanan" & it's available from Farcountrypress at: 800 821 3874. Give me a home where the buffalo roam!