I've come up with a real "Jim Dandy" of a sports trivia question for tomorrow (Saturday) morning's Puffman Sports Trivia! You'll love this little gem of knowledge for sure. The book I'll be giving away Saturday morning at 7:30 on Sports Trivia is, "The Secrets of Happy Families," by New York Times Bestselling Author Bruce Feiler. This hardback NEW playbook for families today includes Warren Buffett's guide to setting an allowance, how to have difficult conversations, the Green Berets' rules for reunions, the power of a family mission statement along with some lessons from the SEX mom...Oh boy! Be the 1st caller in Saturday morning at 7:30 with the correct answer to my sports trivia question (it's on the NBA this week) & WIN the book. You can follow Bruce Feiler on Facebook & Twitter too. Visit: www.brucefeiler.com, & then listen to WIN tomorrow morning at 7:30 for more sports trivia FUN on Puffman "SPORTS" Trivia!