The parade goes by, the cowboys ride & the dancing music plays. So come one, come all at Conrad Whoop Up Days! It's my favorite jingle...I even like the doughnut in it...& the brains behind that little gem will be my special guest tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 2:30 on the Puffman Show. He's the infamous Mark Stiles, & Barrister Stiles will be approaching the bench tomorrow afternoon to fill us in on the 74th Annual Whoop Up Weekend this weekend down in Conrad. Mark will be performing along with Sally Aschim  Saturday night in concert at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in Conrad to benefit the theatre. Mark's the singing attorney who's had hit tunes on the radio in the 80's, won local, state & regional Country Showdowns, spent 5 years before law school working as a songwriter for A & M Records & has appeared on the stage at the Opry in Nashville. His tune, "Harvest", became a feature of the Mission Mountain Wood Band's shows, & his "All Hell Needs is Rain" was an instrumental commission for the U.S. Olympic High Altitude Speed Skating Center. Not to mention that his "When Montana Sings" became the Montana State Tourism Campaign anthem for almost a decade! Sure, sure, this is all more than impressive, but my favorite is the 'ol Whoop Up jingle. I've enjoyed playing that snappy happy jingle every year since I first came to KSEN 16 years ago. I've learned all the lyrics & can even sing along with it, & I can't believe that I'll have to opportunity to talk with the guy who invented, wrote, recorded & sang the jingle. You know me...I'm a "Stage Door Johnny" & I can't wait to talk with the man himself tomorrow afternoon! Mark Stiles LIVE & in concert Saturday night at the Orpheum & with me, the Puffman, tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. The parade goes by, the cowboys ride & the dancing music's all part of life here in our Golden Triangle.

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