For the 1st time in literary history, a Chaldean American novelist emerges to portray the descendants of ancient Mesopotamia, now called Iraq, where literature, school, law, a map of the world, & the idea of dividing time & space in multiples of 60 was 1st found. She's Weam Namou, & Weam's the author of the book that I'm giving away this afternoon (Monday) on Puffman Musical Trivia. The book, a novel, is "The Feminine Art" where Weam writes a charming story with many twists & turns, full of suspense until the end. Check out "The Feminine Art" from Hermiz Publishing at:, & then listen to WIN today at 4:35 on Puffman Musical Trivia. It's going to be "Shades of Woodstock" this afternoon...I have a musical trivia question put together on 1 of our counterculture icons who's celebrating his 80th birthday today.