2017 Division Winners Awarded Top Prizes
Division Number           Winner
          2                           Amara Bodkins with blue quilt
          3                           Annie Townsend with wool jacket & tweed pants
          4                           Bellamy Beadle with all food projects
          6                           Kwin Briscoe with bubbles photo
          8                           Matthew Haas with Scratch computer program
          10                          Luke Ostberg with shooting sports notebook
          11                          Nicholas Konen with pickup project
          12                          Watson Snyder with upholstered stool
                                      Chuck Willekes with jewelry box
          15                          Caroline Roeder with wool analysis
Rosette Winners
Division 2-Sewing & Textiles
Class                                       Winner
1                                     Kamber Bender with applique wall hanging
                                      Myles Allen with pajamas
                                      Saber Allen with pajamas
                                      Kyona Yeager with quillow
2                                     Shea Ostberg with wool dress
                                      Presley Holmquist with lined dress
3                                     Annie Townsend with wool coat and tweed pants
Division 3-Quilting, Crochet, Knitting & Embroidery
Class                             Winner
1                                     Amara Bodkins with blue quilt
                                                                Jersey Somerfeld with log cabin quilt
2                                     Janessa Willekes with t-shirt quilt
                                       Elyssa Willekes with t-shirt quilt
13                                   Katie Major with crocheted blanket
Division 4-Food & Nutrition
Class                             Winner
1                                     Ayden DeBruycker with pizza dip
2                                     Taylor Asselstine with coconut bars
3                                     Jersey Somerfeld with biscuits
5                                     Bellamy Beadle with fortune cookies
6                                     Kyona Yeager with apple pie
7                                     Waverly Konen with brownies
10                                   Madeline Konen with peach salsa
12                                   Maggie Toeckes with dinner rolls
Special Foods Awards
Florence Weist Memorial Baking Award-Hannah Konen with raspberry strudel
Specialty Bread Award sponsored by Maryetta Hodgskiss- Caroline Roeder with herb bread
Division 5-Arts & Creative
Class                             Winner
1                                     Kamber Bender with pencil sketch
3                                     Bellamy Beadle with acrylic painting
                                      Maggie Toeckes with acrylic painting
5                                     Cassidy DeBruycker with acrylic portrait
                                      Sterling Stott with hosiery and wire sculpture
Division 6-Photography
Class                             Winner
1                                     Kwin Briscoe with bubbles photo
2                                     Michaela Gunderson with bumble bee photo
                                      Watson Snyder with sheep photo
5                                     Daniel Asselstine with jack-o’-lantern photo
6                                     Luke Ostberg with White House photo
                                      Daniel Asselstine with video
Division 7-Leathercraft
Class                             Winner
5                                     Nicholas Konen with leather belt
Division 8-Communications, Cowboy Poetry, Theater Arts, Citizenship, Service Learning, Leadership
Class                             Winner
12                                   Caroline Roeder with leadership notebook
13                                   Matthew Haas with Scratch computer program
Division 10-Wildlife, Veterinary Science, Entomology, Shooting Sports, Sport Fishing, Outdoor Adventures, Wind Energy
Class                             Winner
10                                   Luke Ostberg with shooting sports notebook
17                                   Amara Bodkins with cow parts poster
Division 11-Power Equipment/Small Engines, Aerospace, Bicycle, Electricity, Robotics
Class                             Winner
1                                     Watson Snyder with bale spear
13                                   Nick Miller with dog bot robotics projects
18                                   Nolan Forseth with holiday welded projects
                                      Sadie Grove with pistol holder
20                                   Nicholas Konen with pickup project
Division 12-Woodworking
Class                             Winner
2                                     Watson Snyder with upholstered stool
5                                     Chuck Willekes with jewelry box
Division 13-Home Environment, Child Development, Self-determined, Leadership, Exchange, Schoolwork, Babysitting, Club Exhibits, Scrapbooks & Record Books
Class                             Winner
14                                   Shane Donnelly with Titanic history project
                                      Sterling Stott with metal towel holder
Division 14-Pocket Pets, Small Animals, Horse, Horseless Horse, Beef, Swine and Lamb Breeding
Class                             Winner
11                                   Cyler Yeager with pig poster
Horse Interview               McCoy Banner
Division 15-Market beef, swine, sheep and goat options
Class                             Winner
1                                     Nolan Forseth with beef project book
2                                     Luke Ostberg with swine project book
3                                     Lila Bradley with lamb project book
Style Show
Senior Refashioned Clothing Grand-Delaynie Beadle with refashioned prom dress
Senior Clothing Grand-Hannah Konen with dress
Junior Clothing Grand-Presley Holmquist with black wool dress
Junior Quilt Grand-Amara Bodkins with blue quilt
Livestock Awards
 Herdsman Awards
          Lamb-Katie Major
          Beef-Carson Crary & Audrey Hutton
          Swine-Luke Ostberg
George Hodgskiss Memorial Belt Buckle
          Watson Snyder
Weatherbeater Awards
Junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Abby McCollom
                   Reserve-Adelena Long
Pre-junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Katy Morris
                   Reserve-Kyona Yeager
Beef Senior Showmanship
                   Grand-Kylee Ruckman
                   Reserve-Claire Ruckman
Beef Junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Nolan Forseth
                   Reserve-Alexis Morris
Beef Pre-junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Katy Morris
                   Reserve-Kyona Yeager
 Market Beef
                   Grand-Samara DeBruycker
                   Reserve-Kylee Ruckman
Beef Breeding
                   Grand- Michaela Gunderson
                   Reserve-Blake Gunderson
Lamb Senior Showmanship
                   Grand-Conner Klick
                   Reserve-Caroline Roeder
Lamb Junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Audrey Hutton
                   Reserve-Katie Major
Lamb Pre-junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Waverly Konen
Market Lamb
                   Grand-Audrey Hutton
                   Reserve-Lila Bradley
Breeding Ewe
                   Grand-Audrey Hutton
                   Reserve-Lila Bradley
Breeding Ram
                   Grand-Caroline Roeder
                   Reserve-Conner Click
Swine Senior Showmanship
                   Grand-Casey Simons
                   Reserve-Kylee Ruckman
 Swine Junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Addie Pearson
                   Reserve- Shea Ostberg
Swine Pre-junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Justyce Yeager
                    Reserve-Abigail deVos
Market Swine
                   Grand-Casey Simons
                   Reserve-Kylee Ruckman
Swine Breeding
                    Grand-Addie Pearson
                   Reserve-Taylee Pearson
Senior Showmanship
Grand-Maria Murnane
Junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Adelena Long
Pre-junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Kaylie Bender
Goat Market
Grand-Kaylie Bender
Breeding Goat
                   Grand-Kaylie Bender
                   Reserve-Adelena Long
Large Animal Round Robin
              Senior Grand-Claire Ruckman
              Senior Reserve-Kylee Ruckman
              Junior Grand-Audrey Hutton
              Junior Reserve-Nolan Forseth
             Prejunior Grand-Abigail deVos
             Prejunior Reserve-Katy Morris
Senior Showmanship Grand-Luke Ostberg
Junior Showmanship Grand-Presley Holmquist
Junior Showmanship Reserve-Katie Major
Sub-Novice A Grand-Presley Holmquist
Sub-Novice B Grand-Luke Ostberg
          Novice A Grand-Katie Major
Senior Showmanship   
Reserve-Maria Murnane
Junior Showmanship
Grand-Sareena Murnane
Overall Cat
Grand-Maria Murnane
                    Reserve-Sareena Murnane
Junior Showmanship
Grand-Golden Holmquist
Pre-junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Kyona Yeager
                   Reserve-Cyler Yeager
Overall Fowl
                   Grand-Golden Holmquist
                   Reserve-Kyona Yeager
Junior Showmanship
                   Grand-Presley Holmquist
Pre-junior Showmanship
                   Reserve-Sydney Simons
Overall Rabbit
Grand-Blake Gunderson
Reserve-Sydney Simons
Friends of 4-H
                    Clarence & Pam Kramer & family
Clay Crawford

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