This piano performance has become a major hit.

Monntel West, 18, sat down to tickle the ivories at Michigan's Lansing Mall while waiting for a friend last week in a moment that took mallgoers by surprise.

Monntel, who never had a piano lesson in his life and taught himself how to play, told Today, "I thought I might as well practice a little bit."

The piano was in the mall as part of the Keys in the Cities program, in which pianos are placed in public spots around the city.

Photographer Sara Hadley took the video. "I take photos and videos of everything but this I had to have proof of," she said. "I know that kids that fit his description tend to get negative publicity and I think that's awful. I knew he needed to get some positive feedback."

Positive feeback is exactly what Monntel, who plans to study music management after high school, is getting. He's been approached about performing and receiving free lessons. He said, "I was so amazed, it's crazy. It's made me feel really good about myself. To see people are interested in my talent -- it made me feel really happy."