Yesterday on the Puffman Blog, it was "tomatoes" it's corn! ACORN that is. An ACORN whistleblower is out with "The Story-Behind-The-Story" on ACORN. The book is, "Race Power & Politics; Memoirs oF an ACORN Whistleblower" As Told by Marcel Reid." Author Michael McCray is the only licensed attorney & CPA to ever serve on the National Board of Directors for ACORN. To his credit, he successfully unraveled & exposed the nebulous Citizen's Consulting Inc (CCI) as the financial nerve center of Acorn. McCray was also instrumental in the legitimate efforts to reform the association following the discovery of a multi-million dollar embezzlement by Dale Rathke. Michael. Discover the truth about ACORN from American Banner Books ( Glenn Beck says Marcel Reid is a modern day Rosa Parks. I'll tell you about what I say about Glenn Beck in a future Puffman Blog.