Thriver soup that is. "Thriver Soup; A Feast for Living Consciously During the Cancer Journey" is the illuminating, empowering, & practical book that provides a holistic guide for enlivening your protection against cancer is on the market. Back in 2009, Heidi Bright, MDiv, was told by the specialists that she would DIE within months from an aggressive end stage cancer. Heidi discovered POWERFUL ways to manage conventional treatment, love her body, embrace her emotions, play with imagery, deepen her spiritual consciousness, & accept support. After 2 grueling years, another tumor swelled next to her heart. Heidi knew she had to make a shattering decision, permanently altering her life. After another surgery, she was told to prepare for Hospice. Guess what? Her next scan was CLEAN! Now-a-days, Heidi combines her journalism & theological background with fresh insights on her blog. Check out Heidi's blog at:,, then grab a copy of "Thriver Soup" from Sunstone Press at: It's a MUST READ for ALL those challenged by cancer & committed to THRIVING. Good luck & the best to you!