Johnelle Red Dog, the Fort Peck Tribal member accused of killing Kenzley Olson of Poplar, reportedly beat the girl and stuffed her body in a duffel bag before leaving it in the garbage, prosecutors said at a probable cause hearing on Friday.

Red Dog, 42 years old, appeared in Fort Peck Tribal Court on Friday for a hearing on whether there was enough evidence to charge her with the murder of Olson.

The judge determined there was probable cause to charge Red Dog and her arraignment was set for Tuesday.

According to a Fort Peck Journal reporter who attended the hearing, prosecutors said Red Dog punched the girl several times and realized she had killed her.

That’s when Red Dog allegedly put the girl’s body in a duffel bag and threw the bag in a dumpster.

Red Dog drew a map that led to the dump site and later confessed to authorities that she had killed Olson, prosecutors said.

Once authorities were led to the dump site by the map, they discovered the girl’s body in the trash, the Journal reporter said.

Initial witness interviews led authorities to a male and female suspect, but they were later cleared of involvement.