I have another OLYMPICS sports trivia for my Puffman SPORTS Trivia tomorrow morning, Saturday. It's going to be an Olympics basketball trivia question! The book up for grabs will be, "Smoke-Jumper & Other Stories." "Swede" Troedsson'sthe author of this riveting read. Swede's adventures include a summer on a fire lookout, a Marine in Korea, smoke jumping, fire suppression, timber forester, aviation management, hunting, assisting our Montana Game Wardens, ski patrol, an ambulance EMT along with back country rescue. During his work as a Forester with the Northern Pacific Railway & with the U.S. Forest Service, Ol' Swede broke a leg smoke jumping, fell through the ice over on the Swan River, dodged falling trees during a wind shear event, almost got burned up twice & lost a danged pickup truck in a fire entrapment! Check out this burning read from Sweetgrass Books, an imprint of Farcountry Press at: www.sweetgrassbooks.com, & then get ready to answer my OLYMPICS sports trivia question to WIN tomorrow morning on Puffman Sports Trivia.

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