Here at KSEN & K 96 FM, we are honoring Agriculture all this month, & TOMORROW (Tuesday,) March 24th, is National Ag Day 2020, across America. In western Montana, as compared with our eastern plains area, winters tend to be a tad milder while the summers are cooler. Here in the west, some intermountain areas experience only 50 to 100 days with frost yearly. Eastern Montana experiences COLDER winters, warmer summers, less cloudiness, the heaviest precipitation in late spring & early summer, & far less higher average wind velocities. Frost free periods over in the east & inthet state's low-lying river valleys range anywhere from 120 to 150 days years. The theme for National Ag Day THIS year is "Food Brings Everyone to the Table," & all our Montana Ag producers "keep it coming" in our Treasure State. What can you say...61.3 MILLION acres of farm land, almost 30,000 farms & 3.5 MILLION acres of Montana land in conversation or wetland reserve programs & all working together, they bring the grub to our Montana tables & kitchens!

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