Niko Moon has selected a second infectious groove in "No Sad Songs," the follow-up to his No. 1 hit "Good Time." The singer and songwriter continues to lean heavy on party vibes, but thus far, there's nothing bro-ish about his lyrics.

Along with wife Anna Moon and co-writers Alysa Vanderheym, Joshua Murty and Steven Lee Olsen, Niko Moon writes like he has nothing to prove. His newly-paved, one-of-a-kind curved lane in country music is pop-conscious — but it's organic. It's laid-back, but poetic. It's unencumbered by the genre's constructs, even if Moon falls within the four walls. There's an ease to his patter and a feral nature to his melodies that bring excitement. The little guitar line that drives "No Sad Songs" is white-hot, but hardly something you need a Ph.D to understand.

With this song, Moon gets a chance to stretch his vocals a bit during the final two turns of the chorus. He shows real potential here, which is important because his third single is likely to show another side to his artistry — a love or heartbreak ballad is where many artists would go. The success of "Good Time" should make it easier for a slightly more mainstream country song like "No Sad Songs" to get past gatekeepers.

Did You Know?: Niko Moon has referred to five hit songs within the lyrics of his first two country singles. During "Good Time" he called out Alabama's "Dixieland Delight."

No Sad Songs Cover Art Niko Moon
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Niko Moon's "No Sad Songs" Lyrics: 

I don't wanna hear no sad songs / All right, yeah / I'm out here cuttin' it loose / You'd think its huntin' season by the way I'm killin' the goose / Yeah, it's got me feeling the groove / Two-steppin' with my baby, breakin' in these Lucchese boots, so / Play something we can sing to / Play something we can raise hell and a drink to / Don't get me going just to go and slow it down / Pour up another round.

I don't wanna hear no sad songs / I just wanna have some fun tonight / Dancing all the way 'til last call / Drink in my hand got me feeling right / It's been a long week / A gone wrong week / So keep that good time spinning on repeat, yeah / I don't wanna hear no sad songs / I don't wanna hear no sad songs.

Come on, play that "Wagon Wheel" / Turn up that "Sweet Home Alabama", give me all of the feels / Don't forget the "Chicken Fried" / I want it served it up with a little "Sweet Caroline", so / Play something we can sing to / Play something we can raise hell and a drink to / Don't get me going just to go and slow it down / Pour up another round.

Repeat Chorus

Guitar Solo

Repeat Chorus

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