I spent last evening in the Cut Bank High School gymnasium, Willie DeGroot Memorial Gymnasium to be more precise, and I have to say, I was impressed.  It was a lot of fun, there was some great basketball played and it was refreshing to watch the kids.  I am from Cut Bank and my kids are (or were) Wolves, but I grew up in Browning and went to Browning High School.  I still know a LOT of people in Browning and many members of my family still live there.  But, back to what impressed me...

For one, the two cheer leading squads presented the flags together, that was nice.  You don't see it much, or at least I don't.  The fans of both towns were spirited and I'm sure the referees got their fare share of help from both sides, but I thought the fans were respectful of each other and it certainly didn't get out of hand.  The Cut Bank/Browning rivalry is an OLD one, it's been going on for years, but they looked a little more like neighbors and friends than rivals last night.  It was a good game, both teams exhibited some great basketball skills.  Browning came out on top 73/56.

I'd also like to mention that Mrs. Dawn Blair, the high school band director in Cut Bank, as well as a really nice lady, teaches the band to play the school songs of the teams they play against and it was really nice to hear the Cut Bank band playing the Browning High School school song.  It seems quite neighborly to me.

I'm proud to be a member of both of these communities.  Have you seen a great display of sportsmanship, friendship and all around good behavior lately?  Let's hear about it.  Send me a comment!