There's BINGO Action tonight (Wednesday) down in Conrad Town, & it's going to be a blast...a BINGO Blast! All the excitement & family fun entertainment gets underway this evening at 7 o'clock SHARP at the Conrad Moose Hall, & it's going to be a ball. Hope to hear YOU yelling out "BINGO" a time or 2 tonight in Conrad. I might add on my Puffman Blog here that they always have some tasty snacks at BINGO, but I like to bring along a bag or 2 of Fiddle Faddle.I call it the "Perfectly Popped Popcorn." Talk about cream caramel & rich butter you're talking! I usually "Warsh" it down the ol' hatch with a quart of chocolate milk! I'm living life LARGE out here under the Montana Big Sky.