By the time "One Man's Family" ended it's 27 year run on old time radio back in the 50's, nearly 100 characters had been introduced. I suspect the book that we're currently reading up at the Marias Heritage Center Tuesday evenings during Montana History, contains even more chapters than the infamous Barbour Family! We'll be starting Chapter # 41 tonight up at the Heritage. I also submit that when we started this tome, I had more hair & all of my teeth! That said, "Half Interest in a Silver Dollar: The Saga of Charles E. Conrad" by former Kalispell attorney James E. Murphy is a truly GREAT read. No doubt about it, I enjoy reading Montana History every Tuesday night at the Heritage. The Heritage Center is one of the few places I can walk into & end up being the youngest person in the room! See you tonight at 6 o'clock SHARP for more (& I mean MORE!) Montana History at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. WHEN will we be done with the book? I would guess sometime AFTER the upcoming presidential inauguration and/or when I become a resident up at the Heritage!