Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter, and already, the 18-year-old singer is making headlines.

A few days ago, Cyrus tweeted a new photo of herself, in which she presumably meant to show off her "piggy tails."

"Rocking piggy tails for the first time since like 6th grade! I love summer time," she tweeted, without realizing that it's actually Spring.

But given where her eyes are looking in the photo, it's clear that Miley wanted us to notice what was happening right below her hair-do instead.

Yep, as you'll see in the photo below, Miley is rocking a brand-new dreamcatcher tattoo, located below her right armpit, of all places.

Check it out now, then tell us: Is this a good look for Miley?

Miley Cyrus

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