Klette Electric has been in business for two and a half years, but Aaron and Adam have over 20 combined years of experience as electricians.

They have three employees - Aaron and Mary are owners, Aaron is CEO and a master electrician. Mary is CFO and Adam is a journeyman electrician.

They specialize in commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural and design-build electrical projects. They have worked on a broad range of projects since first starting their company, but one special service they offer is highlighted in their lighting retrofit projects. With Today's new, energy efficient technology now is a great time to update those old fixtures and start saving money on your electric bill. Instead of simply swapping out fixture for fixture, they use state of the art programs to design a lighting layout unique to each space. This ensures that you end up with the proper lighting to meet your needs and then some.

They are licensed and insured as an unlimited electrical contractor with the State of Montana, enabling them to work on all projects, including commercial and industrial that require a master electrician license.

Formerly based out of Great Falls, they are now located in Conrad and looking forward to continuing to serve the community and surrounding area. Their clientele base reaches as far south as Bozeman and as far east as Turner.

At Klette Electric their philosophy is "An honest day's work for an honest day's pay" They approach every project with a high level of integrity, which enables them to gain their clients' trust and form lasting relationships.