The rain and snow that helped wildfire suppression efforts in Montana late last week largely missed southeastern British Columbia and southwestern Alberta, where the Kenow Fire has now burned 89,000 acres, including a portion of Waterton Lakes National Park.

The Kenow Fire has left its mark on Wateron Lakes National Park. (Parks Canada Photo)

The fire, which remains unchecked, forced the evacuation of the Waterton Park townsite, burning five buildings, including the house and barns at the Alpine Stables (the horses were safely evacuated), and the park's Visitor Center.  As the photo above shows, the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel was spared, thanks to a heroic goal-line stand by more than 50 firefighters, and a pump and sprinkler system similar to the one set up to protect the Lake MacDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park.

Parks Canada has announced a phased re-entry to the Waterton townsite for residents, leaseholders and business owners on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. 

The park remains closed to the general public.