As far as fit and toned celebrities go, there is plenty of competition, but Kenny Chesney is unquestionably one of the tip-top in-shape entertainers out there. At 51, he has an enviable physique, despite his branding that suggests he's living the island life sipping rum all day long.

At any rate, wherever one is and whatever one is drinking, it's not that easy to keep trim in midlife, so what is Chesney's secret? As it turns out, the singer has a fairly basic method of keeping things under control, and it's one that isn't too hard to follow.

No, it's not a full-on keto diet, or a regime of supplements, or anything overly restrictive like that. In fact, it's a pretty refreshingly moderate approach. As Chesney tells Cody Alan, he simply tries to avoid carbs—but just after 5 p.m.

Chesney himself admits that even limiting carbs to that degree is "hard to do." But he feels a lot better when he does. "I eat protein and double up on my vegetables," he explains. "You go to bed at night without eating any carbs, and you wake up feeling leaner."

And if he feels like snacking at night? Chesney has a plan in place that keeps him away from the potato chips or leftover pasta in the fridge. "I do have a protein-based protein shake, so if I am hungry at 8 or 9 p.m., instead of eating, I'll just down that, and it really helps you lean down a lot."

Chesney has announced 18 amphitheater dates to go with 22 previously announced stadium shows on the 2020 Chillaxification Tour, so he'll be needing to be in stage-ready form quickly after the holidays. Good thing he has a sensible plan in place.

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